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The Colorful Clef is a state-of-the-art flute studio that allows you to fit music into any lifestyle, no matter how fast-paced! Based in a convenient, centralized location near the 101 and 60, The Colorful Clef is easily accessible from Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Ahwatukee, and is a short drive from Scottsdale and Phoenix. This creative flute studio is all about making music as fun and engaging as possible with lots of music opportunities available to students!

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A few ways The Colorful Clef is different than other studios:

  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Creative lessons uniquely tailored to the student
  • Referral incentives
  • Free Bring-a-Buddy classes on useful musical topics
  • Guest Artist masterclasses
  • Group and club opportunities for extra learning based on student’s interests

Flexible Scheduling for Busy Families:

You and your families have full, busy lives, so The Colorful Clef is happy to be flexible with scheduling. You will not find tedious attendance and lesson cancellation policies here. I want to help music lessons fit into your lives conveniently! You know lessons make a difference, and I know you make every effort to attend scheduled lessons!

Traditional, once-a-week lessons are the most common at the Colorful Clef, but many there are many ways to make progress in private lessons. Unconventional scheduling options are welcome, such as:

  • Lessons every other week
  • Changing an established weekly lesson time partway through the semester or year
  • Lessons when you need/want them (more before performances/auditions, fewer during preparation time)
  • Skype lessons

Referral Incentive Program:

Share the joy of flute-playing with your family, friends, and neighbors, and earn free lessons!

  • $15 for you, $15 for them!
  • Every new referral gets you $15 off your next lesson
  • New referral students also get $15 off their first lesson
  • If this student becomes a regular (has 3 lessons), you get a free lesson!
  • This saves you $40-$55 per referral, depending on your lesson length!

Make sure everyone you refer lists your name on their application so you get these awesome discounts!

Free Bring-a-Buddy Classes:

The Colorful Clef Studio offers free Bring-a-Buddy classes on valuable music topics! These classes are designed to expose students to new music and topics they may have never heard before in an interactive setting. Bring a flute friend (or two or more) for free so they can see what the Colorful Clef is all about!

Classes may cover topics such as: Performance anxiety, how to prepare for auditions, useful music history and theory, extended techniques (like beat boxing), historical flutes, all about ensembles, and more!

Guest Artist Masterclasses:

Private lessons are invaluable, but playing for new people can bring students all kinds of new perspectives and ideas. Students will have the opportunity to play and learn from Guest Artists in masterclasses. A masterclass generally features a student performing music they have chosen and prepared for a guest teacher in front of other students. It is a great way to experience performing in a more relaxed, low-key way, while learning from new people!

Group Class Opportunities:

There are endless possibilities for group classes that supplement lessons! Private lessons often require balancing learning about musical topics and the playing portion of lessons. For example, an entire lesson should not be consumed by music theory, unless truly necessary. But if students love theory, they can join a Colorful Clef club to learn more! (Try saying Colorful Clef club 3x fast…) Students can join based on any of their musical interests. Club meeting frequency is often once a month, but is decided by members.

Discounted rates are offered for these clubs, because I want to make helpful, supplemental knowledge accessible for all students!

Some possible groups/clubs are:

  • Community Service Champions (can help High School students get the community service hours they need for college scholarships!)
  • Superb Sight-Readers Club
  • Stage Fright Fighters (tackling performance anxiety)
  • Modern Sounds Society (extended techniques)
  • Radical Repertoire Readers (learning about all kinds of music)
  • Flying Fingers Faction (scales)
  • Marvelous Music Historians
  • Terrific Theoreticians (music theory)
  • Chamber Groups (duets, trios, quartets, flute choir, etc.)

Although the size of these clubs depends on student interest, any student can join a group and be in the club with me. As I will be teaching and leading these groups, each club will have at least 2 participants until others join when they hear how much fun the new club is!

Looking to the Future:

Thank you for reading about these exciting opportunities, I hope you’re inspired to get started at…

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.49.24 PM


Updated January 2019


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