Flute lessons in Chandler, AZ, conveniently located near Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale

Colorful Clef Exclusive Resources

Current students, be sure to check out the studio’s Google Drive!
(If you need the studio password, please let me know!)

General Information

**Colorful Clef Google Drive**

My Music Staff: Student Portal

Digital Copy of the Level Up Challenge Guide

2019-2020 Studio Information

Access your Adventure Tracker

Practice and Technique

Practice Logs



Music Symbol Glossary

Article and Worksheet Database

Helpful Links (for musicians and parents!)

Studio Facebook page

Studio Newsletter

Honor Bands, Youth Symphonies, and Festivals:

Honor Band and Local Youth Symphony Information (coming soon)

AMEA Honor Bands and Solo and Ensemble Festival
Sign up with your band director!

Arizona Flute Society Festival and Competition – Early April
Participate in competitions by age (Debut, Junior, Senior, Collegiate) or perform for comments in the festival!

Practice Tools

The Virtual Flute for flute fingerings (lots of free music, convenient sightreading material)

Stretches Before Practicing (do these to improve your sound!)

Printable Staff Paper

Comprehensive Guide on How to Practice (read this one first!)

Great Practicing Tips and Logs

Practice Tips from Jim Walker

How to Clean Your Flute Properly

Some Commonly Asked Questions about Flute

Music Tutor App for beginner note recognition

Free Music and Financial Resources

International Music Score Library Project (TONS of scores, everything that’s copyright has expired)

Flute Tunes (all kinds of free flute music, all ranked by difficulty)

Financial Resources for Musicians (many thanks to Mark for this helpful suggestion!)

Listening Resources

Amazon MP3s


Naxos Records ($20/year and you can listen to pieces that often aren’t on Amazon and Youtube. College students: most colleges pay for free access for students!)


KBAQ 89.5 (Phoenix classical music station)

Ask your teacher for recommendations, or check out the list below for some talented flutists to listen to!

Other Great Links!

What Leone Buyse (flute professor at Rice University) looks for in a potential college student

Life in the Metropolitan Opera Pit

For Parents

Motivate your Child to Practice using goals, not guilt

How to Help Your Kids Get the Most Out of Music Lessons

Why Students Stop Playing Their Instrument

Easy Ways to Encourage a Love of Music

Parents’ Top 5 Questions about music lessons for kids

6 Ways Music Lessons Benefit Students in life outside of music

How Parents Can Help Beginner Students Learn a New Instrument

How My Parents Gave Me the Gift of Classical Music by Greta Hallberg

TheHomeSchoolMom’s Local Homeschool Directory

Music Theory Practice

Music Theory Basics

EarMaster Pro (Music Theory and Ear Training Software)

Interval Ear Training

Music and Flute Supplies

Flute World

Caroline Nussbaum

Sheet Music Plus

Flute Organizations and Publications

National Flute Association

Arizona Flute Society

The Flutist Quarterly, Journal of the National Flute Association

Pan, Journal of the British Flute Society

Flute Talk Magazine

The Flute View Magazine

Venture to Adventure Advice (Trying New Techniques):

Learning to Double and Triple-Tongue by Stephanie Hoeckley

Harmonics or Overtones

YouTube Video: Flutter Tonguing by Nina Perlove

Extended Techniques and Example Videos


The Importance of Exercise for Wind Musicians:

Infographic: Best Exercises for Musicians

Why Exercise Helps Musicians (basic)

Why Exercise Helps (more in-depth)

Exercise Improves Performance Anxiety

Helpful Stretches:

Don’t be fooled, your whole body plays a part in producing sound on an instrument! Many stretches for musicians only include hands, arms, and shoulders. These are crucial areas to stretch, but tension or stiffness in other parts of your body tense can have a big effect on your playing, too! If you’ve got an extra couple minutes, stretch your whole body before you warm up. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Full Body Stretches

Yoga Stretches

Back and Shoulder Stretches

Hand and Arm Stretches

Power Poses:

Power Poses by Stephanie Hoeckley

Amy Cuddy’s 20-minute TEDtalk on Power Poses

Alexander Technique:

Alexander Technique is a method used to create natural posture and movement. It helps prevent injury, and allows musicians to play longer and more effectively. Check out these resources to improve your playing with the Alexander Technique!

Basic Tips

A Little Info on Alexander Technique for Flutists

Video: Effortless Deep Breathing

Video: Head, Neck, and Back Alignment

Video: Sitting Comfortably

Highly Recommended Books:

Understanding Music:

Performance and Psychology:


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